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Dreaming Of The Moment

Stop a moment for correlation; 
reverberated stimulations 
echo through vast energy vibrations 
pulling in rampant radio stations. 
Would you surmise without compromise 
that words and deeds flee those memorized? 
The moment for surprise now arrives 
maneuvering beyond the contrived. 
Could you believe bright lights in your eyes 
when it’s totally now realized? 
Should we escalate attack, exact 
for those wishing for another act? 
Dreaming of the moment charged in-depth 
with fascination of dealers’ decks. 
This experiment moves through phases 
littered with those single catch-phrases. 
Stop before the moment leads, stampedes
through the emotions laid waste, unclean.
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2013
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About Terri M. Prada

Writer/Poet/Wife/Mother with 4 copyrighted manuscripts: 1 is a Fantasy novel from 1994 (Updated 2013 for Publishing on Amazon/Kindle Direct) and the other 3 are for Volumes I, II and III in books of poetry co-authored with aunt, Candace Clawson from 2008 and 2013 (Published also on Amazon/Kindle Direct in Oct 2013). Volume III was published and copyrighted January 2014. Born in Renton, WA and grew up about 20 miles from where Bob Dylan grew up. Currently working on another volume of poems & the second book in the fantasy series.

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