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My first love has come 
to greet the sum 
of the creation 
from the soul 
maybe whimsical. 
Music imprisons senses 
while toppling fences 
of the chosen few 
that are known 
to have flown. 
Where have you gone 
my love so strong 
living in the songs 
that carry one on 
into the dawn? 
Music shows the way 
on any given day 
that changes from 
January to May 
and Monday to today. 
Come with me to listen 
before it’s forbidden 
to think, or sing 
or even compose 
to the picture shows. 
Let the music live free 
with your creativity 
and the humanity 
in this new century.
Come with me.
Live and love the music
without the cryptic
into real language 
that moves tides 
of all on the side. 
Come with me. 
Come with me.
T.M. Prada
Copyright 2013 
*As a child music kept me enthralled and happy. I would sing even when others thought it wrong. I even sing in my dreams. Music and creation are so much of who I am. Let me know if music effects you in this way also.
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About Terri Prada

Writer/Poet/Wife/Mother with 3 copyrighted manuscripts: 1 is a Fantasy novel from 1994 (Updated 2013 for Publishing on Amazon/Kindle Direct) and the other 2 are for Volumes I & II in a book of poetry co-authored with aunt, Candace Clawson from 2008 & 2013 (Published also on Amazon/Kindle Direct in Oct 2013). Born in Renton, WA and grew up about 20 miles from where Bob Dylan grew up. Currently working on another volume of poems.

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