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Lost And Alone

Lost And Alone
Lost and alone
within chosen zones 
of happiness
not surely condoned.
for chosen actions 
in the clear view 
of base reactions. 
Alone and lost 
not really one tossed 
into the seas 
for waves to accost. 
A brief glad sigh 
brings this soul on by 
in being cast 
on life’s small white die. 
Lost and alone 
in pure twilight zones 
believing comes 
and my senses hone. 
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014

Fill Me Up (Lyrical Poem experiment #2)

Fill Me Up (Lyrical Poem experiment #2)
My mind closed right up 
since you won’t shut. 
Don’t tell me to stay 
without a word said. 
See my words in line, 
the key to my rhyme. 
Another voice signed 
vowels all aligned. 
Fill me up, with love; 
I could rise above. 
The deed must fit times 
you always remind. 
My life goes on by, 
breathing ragged sighs. 
Could we just go live 
with so much to give? 
Fill me up, in love. 
Don’t give little shoves. 
Deeds allow the time 
honor flows resigned. 
Time flows through my life, 
a sentence in deep sighs. 
Fill me up, for love. 
Will you think above?
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014

Vampire Dreams (Lyrical Poem experiment #1)

Vampire Dreams (Lyrical Poem experiment #1)
Dazzling, I won’t sympathize 
for moments dancing in your eyes. 
Blinding, can you realize, this dream 
that reality rips the seams? 
Glimmer me once, glamor me twice, 
is there just one word of advice? 
My mind overwhelmed by the splice 
of you supposed thought of life. 
Vampire dreams rip through the seams 
while taking in the moments. 
Vampire dreams bleeding scenes 
of a life in all fragments. 
Would you know vampire dreams 
in seconds relinquished? 
Could you feel vampire dreams 
which rip apart wishes? 
Pictures form at opportune sites 
bringing stills on supposed rights. 
The glimmer happens once again 
that siphons off happiness. 
Can you see it through the dullness? 
Or is it simply your flatness? 
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014


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Sometimes… I think… 
You’d come back and see 
that I’ve changed too, much. 
Sometimes… I know… 
life is more a concept 
borne to maintain, such. 
Would you know me right now 
if I said, “Hello?” 
In mind, I feel I’m lost 
somehow out of flow. 
Could you understand now 
which emotion you’d know?
Sometimes… I feel… 
time is an enemy 
passing eternity. 
Sometimes… I want… 
your everything 
filling moments with me.  
Should I stop wondering 
how I will grow and need? 
In my life it’s, love 
growing its reach as leaves.
Will it become all its 
meant for us to, lead?
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014


Fake silly smiles flit across faces 
of people from different places. 
Would one consider the genuine 
when aware of the race you are in? 
Look before and beyond past the now 
which blankets reality somehow. 
Could you hear the awkward dense silence 
with imposed ignorant sentences? 
Broaden your mind to the infinite 
without the narrow-minded finites. 
Do you know my own understandings 
or encase your mind with demandings? 
Life deems more than mere thoughts or feelings 
in universes where senses reel. 
Should I conform to your boxed-in ways 
or simply cease to live for today? 
No, my mind and life builds this anew 
with ingenuity, continue. 
Could you just simply see or believe 
that I’m living and just being me? 
The genuine article retrieved 
established in word, and thought received. 
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014


Like the stars across the sky 
and the tear drops in your eyes, 
for reasons I can’t surmise, 
I linger to my surprise. 
Twinkling moments of eternity 
and blinking my mind determinedly, 
my life for all brilliant twinkling 
it means many moments for us being. 
Satellites orbit amidst 
while moving clearly in bliss, 
in my clarity I think,
snapshots moving, announce blinks. 
Twinkling orbs upon holiday trees, 
brings back the bits of the infinity 
that you are not here within memories 
it’s plain to twinkling eternities. 
Coming transparent in mind 
not of design in my time 
and not meant for thoughts sublime 
you just blink, shimmer and shine. 
Twinkling comets in my system’s rhyme 
helps one to exact that sordid consign 
with twinkling objects that now reminds 
I’m a solitary figure tonight. 
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014 

Glints and Glimmers

Glints and Glimmers
Glints and glimmers sends my soul to shimmer 
in times when happiness now remembers. 
Would you see the girl in my history 
enabling explorers to destiny? 
Shimmering souls aware of visual goals 
discovers and imagines on console. 
Does the translator of pure happenstance 
know they err for this given, lucky chance? 
Glimmering fancies lean on fantasies, 
possible realities and entreaties. 
Will the stars shine on possibilities 
illuminating probabilities? 
Glittering glints shine in your saddened eyes 
of the love without omissions or lies. 
Emit the light through tunnels in my mind 
while redesigning the allies resigned. 
Glints and glimmers show in your loving eyes 
when your life recedes on decline inside. 
Yes, I miss your voice and very presence 
eternity without you now sentenced. 
T.M. Prada
Copyright © 2014

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