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Sparkling Repose

Terri (T.M.) Prada 2011


Waiting for the spark of renewal,

I stumble toward my healing tools.

Changing and tweaking inherent modes,

I creep forward on my bare tip-toes.

Would you understand the daring care

going through passages of breathing air?


Sparkling repose amid waking life,

haunts tasks unfolding in interim.

Sparkling repose vanquishing known strife,

I develop a working, living theorem.


Exiting inactivity’s walls,

I stifle screams and blank refusals.

Dreaming stops, no longer a refuge,

I wail within my null nonissue.

Could you translate imagination

when impetus halts being notion?


Sparkling repose and serenity

contradicts catalysts of changing.

Sparkling repose willing destiny

into attractive battles waging.


Rebuilding intuition’s knowledge,

I encapsulate paying homage.

Recreating states in lost timelines,

I capture delineation vines.

Should you realize inspiration

stimulates blueprint presentations?


Sparkling repose, do you suppose

endangers light in my very soul?

Reorganize my sparkling repose

into brainwaves recharging compose.


T.M. Prada

Copyright © 2014

The Sparkling Pupil

Terri Fall 2002

Information types its own key,

in speckled, learned, mysteries.

Clues open in enlightenment

stilling through simple entrapment. 


The sparkling pupil follows cues 

on trails and trials of rescue. 

Would you know the sparkling pupil, 

who learns books, canons, and scruples? 


Follow the web towards data, 

instilling knowledge in beta. 

Indications point to wisdom, 

owning implications’ fashions. 


The sparkling pupil, now student, 

relying on facts taught, given. 

Could you see the sparkling pupil, 

who changes to lesser brutal? 


Proven actions and histories, 

clear misinformation’s stories. 

Suggestions of discoveries 

fill logs like documentaries. 


The sparkling pupil likes designs, 

where thinking forms dreams and reminds. 

Should it scare the sparkling pupil, 

that others’ ideas seem cruel? 


Simple facts fill physical forms, 

while situations rules conformed. 

The acrobat stills and performs 

what sparkling pupil views as norms. 


T.M. Prada 

Copyright © 2014

Sparkling Wonder

Terri & Sonja Feb 1999


Words express frightening excitement, 
deliberately exposing fear. 
Time of unrelenting atonement, 
nature ringing momentary dear. 
Sparkling wonder burst into lighter 
shades of dusk in birch forests beside. 
Sparkling wonder grabbed lenses tighter, 
while flushed from wooded, hamlet resides. 
Educate self, when forested glens 
beckon simulation origins. 
Crying for unity to happen, 
She calls her trusted, kindly, urchins. 
Sparkling wonder in Northern woodlands, 
observes miracles born of spirit. 
Sparkling wonder retaliates against 
sands and winds blowing sing-song lyrics. 
Dramas establish decade facades, 
into demure independent streaks. 
Pause in moments of inquiring flaws, 
striking down common, inspiring tweaks. 
Sparkling wonder’s wound up approvals 
from benevolent superlatives.
Sparkling wonder without removal 
of love, reminds often formatives. 
She breathes alive, my sparkling wonder, 
bequeathed with bravery beyond years. 
Raging forward like first responders, 
she extinguishes hopes insincere. 
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014

Sparkling Nature


Terri Calumet, MI Feb 1995a

Moments fled into years like blurs, 
capturing my inspiration. 
Reality echoed with spurs, 
while issuing isolation. 
Would words build rising tall mountains, 
or tumble boulders like curtains? 
Honor creates sparkling nature, 
nurturing completed structures. 
Conversation’s sparkling nature 
empowers society’s lures. 
Twilight enables dreamers’ minds 
occupying catches in time. 
Deserters stumble into find 
that poets relinquish close rhyme. 
Could disciples chant destiny, 
fulfilling their every need? 
Adoration’s sparkling nature 
endures for twinkling composures. 
Faithful instant sparkling nature 
ensues through crippled enclosures. 
Monsters live within writers’ souls 
stealing in imagination. 
Surviving into story tolls 
that moves ample situation. 
Should fairies conjure purity 
impeding with impunity? 
Dancing drums and sparkling natures 
apprehend rhythms’ disclosures. 
Vibrating floors’ sparkling nature 
simulate Earth’s prepared orders. 
Education surmounts the odds 
encompassing temperament. 
Savior beget planning jobs 
inviting blatant competence. 
Can creation hold patience more? 
A new follower opens doors. 
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014 (2)

Sparkling Promise

Terri & Sam Jan 1991e


Ill, as the day was long, sadly, 
persisted for months, and daily. 
To live it again, I’d gladly, 
and maybe a little, greatly. 
Erupting with sparkling promise, 
she flitted into life’s repose. 
Crying inside sparkling promise, 
I found faith for lost one’s, disposed. 
Insatiable hungers demand 
what curiosity sated, 
by knowledge fed and remanded 
to promises once more stated. 
Growing with this sparkling promise, 
she devoured tomes and histories. 
Comprehension’s sparkling promise, 
developed the love in stories. 
Moving into new realms and dreams, 
imagination grew beyond. 
Changing happiness into reams, 
the books grew feathers and talons. 
Starlight twinkles sparkling promise, 
into universes’ matter. 
Quantum leaps of sparkling promise, 
relate moments that now scatter. 
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014

Sparkling Serendipity

Jim & Terri 13 May 1989


Discovered at my lowest point in life 
grasping future fates until distended. 
Loss became eternal, family strife, 
while pain endured still unrecommended. 
Sparkling serendipity uncovered 
my happiness conjoined and recovered. 
Sparkling serendipity just happened, 
between losses, souls somehow lived, dampened. 
Could this light which ignited that moment 
shield me from my heart shorn, torn, and broken? 
Could memories of lifetimes not recent 
build me knowledge of magical tokens? 
Remember sparkling serendipity; 
glitters in fae-like creativity. 
Sparkling serendipity my selection, 
enchanted in circles of recollection. 
Kindled flames from damaged, slivered lives 
building in segments of true devotion. 
Friendship fanning dreams, while ambition strives, 
constructing skyscrapers of emotions. 
Sparkling serendipity moves to tears.
Growing stronger wonderful, with new years. 
Sparkling serendipity heaven-sent, 
like angels sparkling with iridescence. 
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014


Sparkling Sorrow

Terri Grad portrait Fall 1985


Painting pictures in moments seldom seen, 
imagination held no pocket seams. 
Pitched into friendships, that slipped far away; 
drifting palely like wood, pitched into trays. 
Sparkling sorrow like star shine viewed aloft, 
bully’s emotions never held so soft. 
Sparkling sorrow in death’s kind overtures; 
clueless speech fought for extended tenure. 
Tempted by fate for lack of better words; 
wishing and dreaming would be so absurd. 
Singing and dancing like so many youths, 
in denial of the honest, lost truths. 
Sparkling sorrow built on death’s real sadness, 
faithful happenings in between gladness. 
Sparkling sorrow created depression 
among realities in recessions. 
Driven by love, blindly following codes, 
awaiting love’s embraces to enfold. 
Doing what’s right for family and home, 
I resided in fantastic life goals. 
Sparkling sorrow and failure’s lone sad songs, 
forbade unanswered prayers all along. 
Sparkling sorrow at promises found new, 
I trudged forward constantly, continued. 
T.M. Prada 
Copyright © 2014
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